Yes you can make money with property in adelaide

My name is Xenia Ioannou and I want to invite you to attend our monthly network and training seminars so that you can become a better property investor and Leader.

Since 2006, our Investor Network Meetings have provided a positive, inspirational and supportive environment in which you can learn how to become a more successful property investor and Leader.

We now run these meetings each and every month with different speakers, information and up to date market research on property and investing.

By regularly attending the ALEXA Investor Network meetings every month you will:

  • Profoundly increase your existing property investing knowledge and skills
  • Save yourself, time, money and effort by learning from experts who have made all the mistakes
  • Develop your leadership skills and begin thinking like a property millionaire
  • Get to know who's who in the Adelaide Property world
  • Be part of a community of people making a difference
  • Keep current with market changes and legislation
  • Learn the latest cutting edge techniques and ideas in market cycles, investing and property

How are ALEXA Property Seminars Different to Other Property Seminars

First of all, we encourage networking, interacting with others and getting to know people. Expanding your reach is very important in becoming a successful investor so we provide a great environment to make this happen. We believe ALEXA has some unique differences to others seminars:

  • We offer 90 minutes of live training or information in the area of property and investing.
  • You get to learn from some of Adelaide's top experts in a variety of areas relevant to property.
  • We do not allow people to come and sell property to you

It does not matter how much experience or property you have or don't have everyone is welcome as long as you are serious about expanding your knowledge, keeping up to date and becoming even more successful. We only want people who are serious about their education, we do all the hard work but do have an admission fee.

What is the format of the evening?

The events are held at The Robin Hood Hotel 315 Portrush Rd, Norwood on the last Tuesday of each month (except December).

The formal seminar begins at 6:30 pm and runs for around 90 minutes. This includes information, guest speakers or live training on a specific topic for the month. The training is relevant and interactive and exclusive to ALEXA seminars. Some of our members meet prior to the beginning of the seminar to get together and have a meal at the motel.

At the conclusion of the training or guest speakers there is a networking session where you will have an opportunity to interact with the speakers and other members. Light meals, tea, coffee and drinks are served. Some of our guests attend for the benefit of this networking. Over the years a lot of money has been made through reaching the right contacts at these networking events.

Do I need to book a place to attend a meeting?

Yes and you can do so by filling in the web form below and choosing the meeting that you wish to attend. Admission is $20, upon booking online you will receive a email confirming your place and also an invoice for your accounts. Please book your place at least a few days before the event as we need to confirm the numbers to the hotel.

When and where are the meetings held?

The events are held at The Robin Hood Hotel 315 Portrush Rd, Norwood on the last Tuesday of each month (except December).

The formal seminar begins at 6:30 pm and runs for around 90 minutes.

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ALEXA Real Estate Event
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About Xenia Ioannou - Your Host for ALEXA Real Estate Events

XENIA IOANNOU: Self-Made Business and Property Millionaire, International Speaker, and principal of the Award Winning ALEXA Real Estate Pty Ltd, Xenia is also a former Medical Research Scientist and International Speaker and Wealth and Mind Strategist and the Author of several published and upcoming books, including "Your Inner Journey to Wealth - a guide to developing a millionaire mindset" and "Don't Believe Everything you Think or Feel".

Xenia is a living example of life balance, a devoted mother of 3, entrepreneur, business owner, author and investor, Xenia believes that to achieve everything you want to achieve, you need to generate the head space to do it and that means running your life through your own higher power and not your conditioning.

You can watch Xenia speaking on her youtube channel here


Xenia's story – as inspiring as it is true:



enia Ioannou is convinced she must have picked up on her parent's sense of total loss when she was very young, the age of 4 years old, when they fled to Australia as refugees. And whose total possessions were enclosed in one suitcase. Upon arriving in Australia the family had a combined wealth of only $200. And feeling the full weight of responsibilityfor their two children they had bought with them.

Starting over in this new land, Xenia's Mum and Dad inculcated in their children that the way to secure their futureisthrough property investing and businesses. It was a lesson the young Xenia learned well.

While acquiring multiple university degrees, at age 17 Xenia was managing her parent's business and started on the path of property investing when she was just 19!

'My parents instilled in me that wealth comes from building assets that fall outside of alinear salary you get in a job,' Xenia acclaims, 'My father used to say, "University will give you an education but real estate and building businesses gives you wealth."

As a medical research scientist, Xenia used recombinant DNA technology to create vaccines, acquire patents on her vaccines, and accumulated 9 publications in prestigious medical journals. In spite of these accomplishments, or because of them, Xenia truly believes that the psychosomatic component of illness is too often overlooked in society. And at our own peril!

While working at her scientific research, all the while, Xenia kept building her property and business portfolio. Eventually, she left the lab. Finding life-balance and begin a family. Even then, her parent's life lessons stayed with her.

While raising her three wonderful children, she launched her first company, a property management company. It was here where she learned some stark lessons – in business and in life. Harsh lessons in directorship and how others can exert control on you. Manipulating you, using your own unconscious fears and conditioning. Her company was losing a lot of money due to trusting an inept person with the financials - unable to handle that job.

Xenia accepted her responsibilities, took the lessons learned, and started over. This time in her new Real Estate business - ALEXA Real Estate–which grew into an award-winning Sales and Property Management Company and is now operating out of her very large office in Norwood SA.

"Wealth creation is a mindset. Wealth is a value that you create in yourself." - Xenia

The incredibly positive Xenia believes growth brings happiness! All youneed to do is decide the area you want to gain success in. She's chosen to grow by helping other people achieve their full potential.

"I want to be known as a millionaire maker," she says, "and the way to do that is to rewire people for success. Every person is a potential genius and can gain unlimited potential by tapping into the personal power they have always had"


- Xenia's Signature Book

The biggest gift you can ever give anyone is the gift of awareness. This book will teach you the levels of human consciousness, so that you can drive your life and make decisions consciously through your higher and more authentic self. Ninety eight percent of the population run their life through unconscious conditioned behaviours that they have labelled as completely "normal". Because we are not aware of what those behaviours are and we have accepted them as part of our life, we have no power to stop them until we rise to a higher awareness. Yet the world has a desperate need for conscious leaders.

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world." Being a conscious leader means that you inspire others to also be leaders, and this is where life changes begin.

This book will show you how to expand your life in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. It will make you look at your own behaviour and the behaviours of those around you from a more aware - rather than a conditioned view point, and allow you to define what is not working for you. Only then can you make more conscious choices and truly lead and love from the front.

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ALEXA Real Estate Event
on 26th July 2016

Includes Light Meals and Networking