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My name is Xenia Ioannou and I want to introduce you to some amazing leadership and investing principles that you can benefit from immediately.

The best gift you can ever give anyone is the gift of awareness but an empty plate feeds nobody. You need to be FULL and you cannot make someone aware of something that you are not aware of yourself. So go ahead expand your awareness and position yourself so that you can reach out and inspire others through your life's work. This will all happen for you when you attend my Leaders and Visionaries Conference and the added bonus is that this is a live event so you will also connect with so many other visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who are also making a difference in the world.

If you are a coach, practitioner, healer, facilitator, motivational speaker, a sales leader, CEO or a team leader of a network marketing company, this conference was designed especially for you.

When you attend this event you will be able to access the material that has taken me 20 years to gather and this material is about human consciousness and the understanding of human potential that I have called the Zones of Wealth (TM). 

In fact just one of the ideas that you will be presented with is how 98% of the population are operating on unconscious programs and therefore getting unintended consequences which leads to unfavourable circumstances. These unconscious programs are responsible for all of lifes failiures and it does not matter what they know, it does not matter how hard they work or even if they are a good student of personal development techniques. After all if "how to" methods were enough we would all be a perfect weight, full of happiness, overflowing with abundant wealth and have fabulous sex lives. But "how to"s are not enough by themselves.

You see the human conscious mind is a precise instrument and in a deep relationship with the universe which is scientific much like physics and other universal principles. The mind science that determines all human behaviours is operating invisibly just like gravity and you can only use it at will and to your benefit only once you have the awareness of it through life expansion techniques like my Zones of Wealth training.

There is a law that can turn any desire into results......... but there is a catch!

You see you can only apply the laws once you are consciously aligned and in an awakened state. For example have you ever been in a situation you did not like, your car gets a flat tyre, express post lost your parcel, your partner was critical of your work, you lost money in a business transaction? We all have adversities happen to us and the more consciously aligned we are the more effectively we are able to handle life adversities. This is because when we are not aligned we place a story on a situation, "the post service is useless I can't trust them", "my partner never supports me", "everything is a scam"... The story we place on an event hurts us so much more than the event itself. The story is believable, realistic and unconscious and belongs in the first 7 levels of human consciousness. We place stories automatically becuase we are conditioned to do so and can only stop the drama and handle life once we become are aware.

Becuase you have read this far, I know that you are the right kind of person who wants to cause a change in your own life and in the lives of others. People don't just read this by accident. You want to DO MORE, BE MORE, HAVE MORE, EXPERIENCE MORE and most of all EXPAND your life so that you can REACH OUT and help as many people as you can. You are a true LEADER, a VISIONARY and part of the 2 % who value and honour their unique gift to the world and you are ready to make a difference. 

You want to effortlessly EXPAND your BUSINESS, INCREASE your NETWORKS of VALUABLE and POWEFUL contacts so that both you and the world can individually and collectively transform thousands of lives through your life's contribution.

As you think about how being this kind of person is going to inspire and advance your goals, take a moment to acknowledge and honour that desire because the world will not celebrate us until we first celebrate ourselves. This desire that you have to be someone who makes a difference in the world and the lives of other people is why you are recieving this special invitation to the LEADERS and VISIONARIES CONFERENCE and unlike people who are only focused on the challenges and the risks and the imagined stories, if you are an entrepreneur or small business leader you will be able to attend for free and truly benefit from these power leadership principles designed just for you. 

So with that understanding welcome to the LEADERS AND VISIONARIES CONFERENCE where you will expand your business and your wealth through a conscious and aware state. Finally your results will be intentional and markedly different to the painful efforts others experience when they are operating at the unconscious, automatic, justified and unawakened state.


Welcome to the Leaders and Visionaries Conference

The Leaders and visionaries conference

Remember not a whole lot more than ONE out of FIFTY, or 2% of people reading this message are going to be part of the awakened population and since that is you, you can choose which city you want to attend and register right now below.

Next Event is Saturday 28th November 2015.


Everything in nature EXPANDS to reach its fullest potential. Even a tiny shoot will push through concrete and grow as big, as strong and as powerful as it possibly can. Nature lets NOTHING get in her way.

That desire that you have inside you, the desire to DO MORE, BE MORE, EXPERIENCE MORE and to EXPAND to your fullest potential is called LIFE. It's the same life that causes the tiny shoot to break concrete. LIFE will always seek light and it does this through a freer, fuller and more expansive expression of itself. This is YOU, your higher self.

The ironic thing is that the CONCRETE in our lives is not always the obvious. You may have excuses and believe that you are not educated enough, not good enough, do not have enough money, have not had many opportunities or are too busy with other commitments.

I can tell you for a fact that you can change every one of those excuses in an instant if you choose to because you know about them. In fact when we think about it, we are very creative at conjuring up excuses that are not even true and once we become aware we can ever laugh at ourselves.

The real concrete that is holding us back are not the excuses that we are aware of, it is our ideas, beliefs, values and conditioning that we have come to know as "acceptable human nature". It is what we don't think is a limiting belief because it appears so real and natural and we even get angry or upset to defend that view point - THAT is what is keeping us small. That is where 98 percent of people get stuck and this is where only a higher awareness can come into play. 


It has taken me over 20 years of research human potential and define the 8 levels of human conscious awareness that drive human behaviour and the benefits of understanding these levels is not restricted to your own awareness but also as a true leader, gaining the best output from others. If you are able to recognise where they are and what they are manifesting as a believable reality in their lives, you then have the precise Zones of Wealth (TM) training technology to safely and ethically invite them up to the higher levels of consciousness, power principles and peak leadership performers. Leaders always inspire others to be leaders. 

The world is shifting in consciousness, there have never been so many people looking for meaning and looking for growth. This is the PERFECT time to grow your coaching business, become a great leader and develop your vision to really help others tap into what is possible for them. We now know that what once was mystical is actually science, we understand it, can define it and we can use to to drive humanity forward to a higher awareness. I look forward to seeing you at the Leaders and Visionaries Conference and sharing this information with you. I really think you and your business will benefit from it.

lead from the front - Become the change you want to see in the world!






XENIA IOANNOU: Self-Made Business and Property Millionaire, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, LIFE EXPANSION PRACTITIONER and Founder of Several Successful Businesses including Wealth Zone Education Pty Ltd and the Award Winning ALEXA Property Group Pty Ltd, Xenia is also a former Medical Research Scientist and International Speaker and Wealth and Mind Strategist and the Author of several published and upcoming books, including "Your Inner Journey to Wealth - a guide to developing a millionaire mindset" and "The Secrets of Expansion - Rediscovering your personal power through an expansion of human consciousness".

Xenia is a living example of life balance, a devoted mother of 3, entrepreneur, business owner, author and investor, Xenia believes that to achieve everything you want to achieve, you need to generate the head space to do it and that means running your life through your own higher power and not your conditioning.

You can watch Xenia speaking on her youtube channel here


Xenia’s story – as inspiring as it is true:



enia Ioannou is convinced she must have picked up on her parent’s sense of total loss when she was very young, the age of 4 years old, when they fled to Australia as refugees. And whose total possessions were enclosed in one suitcase. Upon arriving in Australia the family had a combined wealth of only $200. And feeling the full weight of responsibilityfor their two children they had bought with them.

Starting over in this new land, Xenia’s Mum and Dad inculcated in their children that the way to secure their futureisthrough property investing and businesses. It was a lesson the young Xenia learned well.

While acquiring multiple university degrees, at age 17 Xenia was managing her parent's business and started on the path of property investing when she was just 19!

‘My parents instilled in me that wealth comes from building assets that fall outside of alinear salary you get in a job,’ Xenia acclaims, ‘My father used to say, “University will give you an education but real estate and building businesses gives you wealth.”

As a medical research scientist, Xenia used recombinant DNA technology to create vaccines, acquire patents on her vaccines, and accumulated 9 publications in prestigious medical journals. In spite of these accomplishments, or because of them, Xenia truly believes that the psychosomatic component of illness is too often overlooked in society. And at our own peril!

While working at her scientific research, all the while, Xenia kept building her property and business portfolio. Eventually, she left the lab. Finding life-balance and begin a family. Even then, her parent’s life lessons stayed with her.

While raising her three wonderful children, she launched her first company, a property management company. It was here where she learned some stark lessons – in business and in life. Harsh lessons in directorship and how others can exert control on you. Manipulating you, using your own unconscious fears and conditioning. Her company was losing a lot of money due to trusting an inept person with the financials - unable to handle that job.

Xenia accepted her responsibilities, took the lessons learned, and started over. This time in her new Real Estate business - ALEXA Real Estate–which grew into an award-winning Sales and Property Management Company and is now operating out of her very large office in Norwood SA.

“Wealth creation is a mindset. Wealth is a value that you create in yourself.” - Xenia

The incredibly positive Xenia believes growth brings happiness! All youneed to do is decide the area you want to gain success in. She's chosen to grow by helping other people achieve their full potential.

“I want to be known as a millionaire maker,” she says, “and the way to do that is to rewire people for success. Every person is a potential genius and can gain unlimited potential by tapping into the personal power they have always had”


- The 8 Zones of Wealth

1) Red Zone - The begining of Conscious Awareness

2) Orange Zone - Forming Social structures and awareness of codependency  

3) Yellow Zone - What causes excuses, reasons, procrastination and the loss of money

4) Green Zone - Awareness of an unconscious need to be right. Developing the right to be wrong.

5) Blue Zone - The begining of the entrepenerial spirit.

6) Indigo Zone - Expanding Awareness to a planatary view and ecology.

7) Violet Zone - Conscious of being unconscious and seeking the truth by multiple vehicles.

8) Freedom from conditioning – The awakened state.

As you make the positive descision to attend this event you will discover.....

  • How to be the pilot of your own life, enter the 2% Club –

Get out of the 98% of the population which lives on auto-pilot: an existence driven by their conditioning.

  • How to plan the evolution of your wealth portfolio –

What to set up right now that becomes a wealth and cash-flow generating asset in the future.

  • How civilization and culture are making you sick, stupid and flat broke -
  • Simple methods to recognise the‘anchors’ that are holding you back –

You’ll be surprised at what you assumed was "normal".

  • Proven techniques gauranteed to evoke your authentic self
  • Find motivation to take action to create your life –

Your life can’t be created through ‘thought’ alone because there’s no such thing as a limiting belief

  • Discover the enjoyment of a stress free life.
  • How to overcome the fear of criticism and become the key driver of your life –
  • Life changing scientific facts on how human conditioning creates psychosomatic responses –

Your body can heal itself more than anyone has permitted you to believe.

  • How to become a person of influence and attract only the people and circumstances that are in line with your higher purpose -

You attract the people and circumstances related to your perceived reality – if they are not working for you, only a shift in consciousness can change it.


What you'll Get By Attending this Event ($1500 value)


The Wealth 4 Life Resource Library. 

A collection of educational resources from past and present inspirational Leaders and Visionaries.





Your Inner Journey to Wealth. 

How to develop a millionaire mindset by Xenia Ioannou (eBook)